How to blow your PPC budget on useless traffic.

Have you ever set up an AdWords account for your own business? You’ve had a free voucher offer from Google and thought, yep I really need to try this and generate some leads or sales through my website.

Through the easy setup process you go, adding keywords and an Ad or two (even easier if you’ve chosen to use AdWords Express), entered your payment details and away you go. Clicks are coming in rapidly and they all seem to match your business offering.

A week or so later and the phone hasn’t rung, nor has anyone sent you a single enquiry.

Wonder why?

It’s probably all because of the match types you chose when you set the account up. You might not know a great deal about match types, but what you do need to know is to be very careful with BROAD match keywords. 
(Note – read more about broad match keywords here - )

As an example lets say you run a business that offers home care services to people, i.e. care in their own homes. You add home care as a BROAD match search to your account and pop your card details in (see above). A couple of weeks later you’ve spent a fair bit of money and received no enquires. Why? Because 90% of the search queries that matched your Ads were for care homes.  It’s a similar search but is not what you offer.

In this example you’d need to be very careful with BROAD matches and probably avoid them altogether, instead using a PHRASE match “home care” to ensure that the two words were not reversed. 

This is just one example but there are plenty of ways that BROAD match can scupper your best plans starting with AdWords. BROAD match (particularly BROAD match modifier) can be a fantastic tool for keyword discovery and account expansion – but our advice is unless you are completely sure about match types and the implications of how you enter keywords into your AdWords account, then stick to PHRASE or EXACT match keywords when you try AdWords for the first time. 


Gerard McHugh Posted by Gerard McHugh

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