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We are not your usual agency..

Clickspotters brings together all the expertise of larger agency PPC management techniques together with a desire to demystify PPC, educate and serve clients of all sizes with the best possible PPC management

After years of honing skills in client-side and consultancy roles, Clickspotters (Click Insight Ltd) was founded in 2015 in the UK by Gerard McHugh. He'd also previously co-launched an ecommerce business in 2011 that grew across the UK, Europe and the USA using AdWords and BIng Ads as its primary customer acquistion tool. 

“I have experienced what it is like to establish an e-commerce business and can relate to the pressures many smaller businesses experience whilst trying to grow online.”

“We developed and mastered a methodology to grow a business. We did this using Pay Per Click Marketing. We learnt how to maximise search presence, how to dominate the market and the competition, how to increase sales and how to minimise CPA (cost per acquisition) by continually analysing key metrics.”

We know very quickly the types of businesses we can help and we want to use our PPC experience and skills to help grow your business.





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