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Google Ads

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don't know which half." John Wannamaker 1838 - 1922

Google Ads is possibly the perfect marketing channel. Unlike traditional marketing, with PPC it really is possible to track the return on your marketing spend - whether that is the cost of an enquiry or the cost of an online sale. 

We build and manage the best possible Google Ads accounts for our clients to grow their businesses. Whatever size business you currently are, we implement all the latest features as they become available.




We build highly structured, profitable search campaigns. Google Ads contains a lot more elements than search based text campaigns now, but it still sits at its core.

Why does it work so well? Put simply, if someone searches for a specific product or service, they have shown intent to buy. Executed correctly, that means every time your Ad is shown – it is being seen (and hopefully clicked on) by someone wanting to buy what you have to offer. What other form of advertising can match that?

We build highly structured Google Ads campaigns designed to minimise your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and maximise your revenue.


We understand what it takes to structure and manage Google Ads campaigns to maximise return by focusing on -

Keyword Match Types: These are critical to the performance of your account along with the AdGroup structures they sit in.

Bid Models: Manual bidding is generally less effective than automated bidding  We test and manage the best bid strategies for your campaigns.

Ad Testing: We will continually test new Ad text to help improve CTR (click- thru-rates) levels.

Don’t panic! We’ll ensure all of this is clearly explained, agreed and implemented before any account changes are made.

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We build advanced Google Shopping campaigns making it possible to dominate any e-commerce market online however small your business may be.

We use advanced third party software to create and optimise your product feeds. We segment your product lines based upon historical sales data and develop bidding strategies to maximise your sales and profitability. 

We build highly structured Shopping campaigns designed to minimise your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and maximise your revenue.

What we deliver:

  • Setup and management of product feeds.
  • Optimisation of product feeds.
  • Bid management
  • Weekly Reporting
  • And much, much more!.

What does that mean in plain english? We are pretty organised and measure everything! We will help grow your business and make you more profitable.

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GDN Display & Remarketing CAMPAIGNS

GDN is one of the most exciting ppc areas right now!

The Google Display Network allows you to target an ever increasing number of audiences, based on how how they have previously interacted with your business, or based on their browsing / search history.

This can allow you to target huge numbers of potential customers at both the top and the bottom of the purchase funnel.

It can be implemented in conjunction with the goals of both e-commerce and lead-generation campaigns. 


How We Can Improve Your PPC Performance Using GDN.​

Targeting: Implementing campaigns to target any number of audiences and overall goals you have.

KPIs: Setting the key performance indicators for the account including Remarketing campaigns.

Reporting: Accurate reporting of your account performance is critical to measure progress.

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Youtube offers massive opportunities. The platform constantly innovates with new ways to target and engage with potential customers. 

In-stream (video) and in-display (banner) Ads offer flexible media types, along with pretty much all the targeting options available to the GDN network. 

As a Google Ads Agency this means we continue to evolve and learn as new features are launched.


How We Can Improve Your PPC Performance Using Youtube.

Engage: Reach new audiences and engage with video. 

Test: Run multiple in-stream and in-display Ads.

Measure: Target indivduals within their Gmail accounts.

Don’t panic! You don't need to know all of this, that is what we are here for!


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