Bing Ads

a growing market share means our advice is ignore Bing at your peril!

Bing Ads continues to grow in market share. It typically generates a lower CPA than Google Ads with a lower CPC – due to it being less competitive right now.

With that it can generate higher ROI than Google Ads, albeit with lower overall traffic volumes.

Bing has many features comparable with Google AdWords and adds some of its own.

There are many business scenarios where we recommend using Bing, get in contact if you would like to know more.



What We Deliver

Understanding: An understanding of your business and shared goals.

CPA: We will decrease your CPA (cost-per-acquisition). A key measurement, the further this metric reduces, the more profitable you become

ROAS: We don’t just look at your CPA. We understand that different products sell at varying prices with profit margins to match – we will analyse CPA at product level to improve your ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) and your overall business commercials.


Don’t panic! We’ll ensure all of this is clearly explained, agreed and implemented before any account changes are made.

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