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What do you need to know about advertising on Bing? Many people are put off running Paid advertising on Bing Ads network. It’s a shame really, as actually the results can be very impressive. They are what you’d expect – lower volume impressions, lower CPC (cost-per click), and similar, if not better conversion rates. All of this leads to lower CPA (cost-per-acquisition) figures which make the network attractive. There are differences within the Bing interface and how it handles match types which need to be understood, but in general if you are proficient using Google AdWords you shoul..
If you are using Google Adwords you should be aware that there are different match typesavailable for you use to try and filter, or refine the searches which your ads get shown on. The four being -  Broad match Phrase match Exact Match Negative Match Recently Google have introduced the Broad Match modifier, its use is defined by Google below  - Broad match modifier allows you to create keywords that have greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match. Google AdWords PPC Adding modified broad match keywords to your campaign can help you get more clicks and c..
Have you taken the Bing It On Challenge Yet? In an attempt to demonstrate their search engine returns higher quality results than that of Google, Bing has upped the anti somewhat with this marketing campaign! The reality seems to be that Bing’s results CAN be better than Googles, but not always. Bing still seems to have a tendancy to display ‘old’ results. It also needs to implement an image search option – Google’s has proved very popular. ..
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