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GAnalytics now contains so much data it can your head spin. As a business owner having the time to trawl through endless data trying to making sense of it all can be overly time-consuming. So, if you’ve only got five minutes to view a report which should you look at? Our number one go-to Google Analytics report contains pretty much all the information needed to understand the last 7 days sales performance.  The report is tucked away within Acquisition and shows traffic and conversion performance against a previous period (usually week on week, or month on month). In other words - a summary ..
Well cut to the chase, which businesses can’t? In general, if there is a demand for your product or service, PPC should be able to be made to work. The biggest problem for PPC managers is being faced with building a campaign for a product or service that no-one ever looks for online. Remember, PPC runs by placing Ads against searches being made – so if no-one searches for your product, your Ads won’t be displayed. Generally, when you started your business any market research would have shown this up (we hope!), but then there are also cases such as industrial products or services which a..
The Dimensions tab proves a whole host of actionable reporting for use managing AdWords. Functionality is far too long for a single post, so this will concentrate on using it with Shopping campaigns. To navigate to it, select All online campaigns, then select the Dimensions tab. Choose the date range you wish to query. Then select View > Shopping. A further menu of Category, Product Type, Brand, Item ID, MC ID, Store ID, Channel and Channel Exclusivity appear.   In most cases, MC ID, Store ID, Channel and Channel Exclusivity are less useful. So leave those aside. Category..
Bing continues to improve its product noticeably in recent months; with the introduction of Bing’s universal tracking this marks another significant step forward for managing Bing Ads. The new code needs to be installed and any existing track code removed by April 15th. To set it up, go to campaigns and on the left panel at bottom is Shared Library. Click on that and you will see Goals > View Goals..   Click Create Goal. For goal type put in Destination URL where conversion is recorded etc. Create the tag for that which will throw the Javascript code and put in on your client websites..
CPA stands for cost-per-acquisition. Quite simply put, it is the marketing cost of a sale. In order to track a CPA you will need to have installed the correct e-commerce tracking options for your website. Using AdWords conversion tracking, you’ll see two columns in your reports (you may need to edit your columns to see this). The cost per converted click column equates to your CPA. It may be that this figure is much higher than you were expecting, or hoped.  It is worth remembering though, that this does not take into account any phone sales generated (should you take orders by..
We have all been saying this for several years now, but along with the announcement comes panic for many online retailers, who haven't got around to addressing their mobile strategy. Google has announced OFFICIALLY, that as of April 21st 2015, it will be factoring in mobile friendliness into its algorithum for ranking. What about my PPC? From the outset you'd not expect any changes in your PPC performance. But the reality is that it's hard to seperate SEO from PPC performance and it'..
One of the fundamental advantages of AdWords over traditional advertising is the ability to establish an accurate return on marketing investment.  In order to do this though, the correct tracking code needs installing on the website. There are two common and free options available.  Google AdWords conversion tracking – AdWords conversion tracking displays tracked conversions within the AdWords interface. The advantage is it’s relatively simple to install (the code sits on the post-conversion page) and makes the relationship between keywords and conversions simple to interpret. The downsi..
Anyone advertising on Google for a period of time will have noticed their CPCs rising. In some cases this can be as much as 25% in a year. Why have average CPC’s risen so sharply? Simply put, competition has increased. More and more advertisers are seeing the benefit of advertising through AdWords. With increased competition comes increased bids (remember AdWords is an auction system) and therefore CPCs have risen. AdWords only displays eleven text ads per page (plus five or ten ads in Shopping campaigns) and so competition to appear in those eleven spaces is fierce. What can I do..
This week saw the introduction of a completely re-engineered AdWords Editor tool. Google claim it is the biggest update to the application since it was released in 2006. It certainly looks very different, with a completely redesigned interface and a more modern design. Dare we say it; it actually looks a little more like Bing Ads Editor to us.                               New features allow the opening of multiple windows to view different account elements simultaneously, a new panel for list types, an advanced search function and advance..
For the last two years or so everyone has been saying “You must get a mobile friendly website” – primarily down to the increase in mobile searches.  In fact, a lot of companies are now seeing that mobile (excluding tablet) search is a third of their total traffic, with it accounting for more than desktop traffic totals – leaving tablet as the number one device used for search. AdWords for some time has encouraged the development of a mobile friendly site. By being able to segment traffic, Ads could be tailored to those searches on a mobile device, telephone numbers could be added etc etc ma..
If you are running e-commerce campaigns you’ll understand the importance of Shopping campaigns to your account performance. You may also have felt the frustration of trying to get good quality data and insight to improve performance. This week Google announced a couple of new features to help with this. Diagnostics Understanding why products were in review, disapproved or simply not appearing in your feed was something of a black art. Now Google are proving a whole range of additional diagnostic features to help, including a historic overview of products and a downloadable report contain..
Google announced this week the introduction of real-time updates within Ad Text using the AdWords platform. So, for instance if you run offers or sales you can now include a message to say that the offer or sale is ending in X number of days. X being the live countdown. Great for conversion no doubt, but reading the documentation this isn’t for the faint-hearted or amateur Ad Words fiddler! You’ll need to upload ‘Ad customiser data’ in the form of a spreadsheet. Understand how to insert parameters into the Ad Text (a bit like dynamic text) and then master the COUNTDOWN function with two ..
If you are a user of Remarketing Campaigns within AdWords and manage an e-commerce site, you’ll no doubt want to know all about the features of Dynamic Remarketing. These new campaigns are being rolled out across the UK and have been tested to improve conversion rates. Essentially, they work in a similar way to ‘standard’ remarketing, but allow Ads to be tailored to display products that users have previously visited. Here’s the official Google communication ..
One of the big successes of the last 18 months has been Google image ads (launched as PLAs, now transitioning to Shopping campaigns). With Bing playing catch up on the success of these campaigns, it finally launched Bing Product Ads in the USA earlier this year. As yet, these campaigns are only available to US based advertisers, but expect to see them in the UK soon. Once launched, this will be a compelling reason for e-commerce AdWords clients to begin advertising on the Bing network. Image courtesy of PPC Hero. ..
On a very simplistic level, setting up a Google AdWords PPC account is not that difficult.  Google even offer an easy startup route called AdWords Express which walks you through the process in a 5 minutes. Before you know it, your Ads are appearing on the Internet. Getting them up and running is really just the start of the process though – once Ads are live any advertiser is going to want to improve their performance fairly quickly. WHY? Because every click costs money, and if it wasn’t the right search or searcher you have wasted money. Improving the performance of an AdWords accou..
Everyone has heard of Google AdWords, but how many know of the Bing Ads network? With a market share of approximately 15% in the UK, the Bing Ads network is a smaller player, but not one that should be dismissed instantly. The benefits Running Ads on the Bing Adcenter network opens up a whole new search audience to you. This is generally viewed as incremental traffic which otherwise you could not access – think NEW customers! Because of there being less advertisers on Bing, generally the CPC (cost-per-click) is lower than the equivalent search on Google, which in turn leads to a l..
Google have shared some new information on the AdWords auction process, including Ad Rank and Quality Score calculations. You can download the white paper on Quality Score here - Watch the official Google video on Ad Rank here The original post from Google is here. ..
Currently in beta and being tested in the UK, comparison ads look to be the next innovation on the AdWords platform. They are not available to advertisers in the UK yet, but are likely to be soon in certain advertising certain categories. Here’s a screenshot of how the Ads show in search -   Here’s the page you’ll see once you click through -   Here’s the official view - Comparison Ads let users compare multiple relevant offers from advertisers quickly and easily, providing you with a new, sophisticated, and flexible cost-per-lead format. Users want fast results, so we’v..
Google recently announced the launch of Google Shopping campaigns within AdWords. These campaigns replace Product Listing campaigns offering further control within the interface, particularly controlling bidding at an individual product level. These campaigns are perfect for retail businesses running e-commerce ppc, allowing an image to be displayed in the search results. Technically, these campaigns are more difficult to setup than traditional Ads. Firstly, a product feed needs setting up which allows a Merchant Center account to be created. The Merchant Center account then needs to be..
AdWords is fast! SEO takes months to have any impact. In fact, when it used to take 3 – 6 months to get a ranking, it’s now taking 6 – 12 months or more. Competition is fierce and everyone has upped their game. AdWords is flexible. Spend months on SEO and then find out that the keywords you’ve optimised for don’t convert? That’s a lot of wasted time. Instead set up a campaign in AdWords, run it for 2 weeks, analyse, review, change, continue, the choice is yours! AdWords gets more clicks On highly commercial keywords i.e. the ones that convert to a sale, nearly TWO-THIRDS of clic..
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