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Tips & Tricks To Get the Most Out Of ADWORDS & Bing.

Whether you are managing your own AdWords account, or have entrusted its success to someone else, the odds are that as a business owner you have about a THOUSAND things to do at any time.  Somewhere buried in that list is generally the question ‘how is AdWords doing?’ From a lot of experience talking to clients the honest answer is quite often they’d say, ‘I don’t really know!’  IT’S NOT ALL THAT COMPLICATED  Once explained to them though, they start to understand that measuring AdWords performance is really straightforward as I’ll cover below. (Note – we are not going to cover Assist..
One of the most common questions I hear from clients is “I’ve been looking and my Ads aren’t showing on Google”. My first thought is “well here we go again”, don’t worry though I'm old and cynical but I’ll get over it. Let’s be clear, I completely understand WHY clients search Google for their own Ads. They want to be sure they are working. But at the same time there are a number of genuine reasons why those Ads are showing, but just NOT showing to the client.   1, PERSONALISATION. The client regularly searches for their own Ads and or organic links. They never click on the Ads..
A couple of weeks ago we attended Hero Conference London 2016. This is probably the premiere PPC conference in the world right now and consists of two and half days of non-stop presentations on best-practice PPC tips along with views on the future of PCC. As such, it’s really unmissable in such a fast moving industry. What did we learn? Well trying to compress 2.5 days of PPC into one blog is a fairly tough task! Plus lets face it, there were plenty of new ideas and concepts that perhaps we don’t want to make too public eh?! The Highlights. Larry Kim, founder of Wordpress gave ..
Have you ever set up an AdWords account for your own business? You’ve had a free voucher offer from Google and thought, yep I really need to try this and generate some leads or sales through my website. Through the easy setup process you go, adding keywords and an Ad or two (even easier if you’ve chosen to use AdWords Express), entered your payment details and away you go. Clicks are coming in rapidly and they all seem to match your business offering. A week or so later and the phone hasn’t rung, nor has anyone sent you a single enquiry. Wonder why? It’s probably all because of the..
Paid search relies on great keyword research and management. Shopping campaigns and Display / Remarketing do so to a lesser extent, the but bread and butter paid search Ads still do.  It’s one of the most interesting aspects of search engine marketing, building lists and trying to establish INTENT in a keyword.  Why INTENT? Because intent leads to higher conversion rates and better performance. As a selling point for AdWords as a form of marketing, it always holds true that here is a channel that allows you to place Ads in front of potential customers who are actively searching for yo..
Accurately tracking the source of sales online is a given for anyone promoting their business through a website. It allows budget allocation to be reviewed and and continued improvements made on the return from each channel (Direct, Organic, Paid, Referral and Social).  As anyone who’s ever bought anything online, you’ll know that generally you don’t just click to a website, make the purchase and then go away. It is never that simple. In practice the process is more complex - you’ll visit the website several times, probably finding it through different channels before finally completing the..
There are so many tools and tricks available in AdWords, especially for more advanced users. One of those tools is to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). This allows the Advertiser to replace the fixed text in the Ad with the search term or variant of the term the user typed in. This can help make the Ad appear more relevant, and improve the CTR. Combining DKI with a variety of broad search matches can help scale an account quickly or cover more ground for an e-tailer with a large inventory. Probably no ecommerce operation has a larger inventory than Amazon and to continue to drive traf..
The search terms report is one of the most used reports in AdWords. It allows you to identify the exact search phrases that were used to trigger Ads, and from this the account performance can be shaped through the addition of exact and negative match keywords. Until mid-last week, the report could be accessed here -    Then it disappeared and was only discovered by some eagle eyed PPC people having been moved into the dimensions tab.   For what purpose no-one knows. It’s not the end of the world but it does mean that negatives can’t be added directly to Shopping campaign..
Remarketing is very hot in PPC at the moment and so it should be.  Generally in PPC when a visitor clicks on one of your PPC Ads, they visit your site and then more often than not leave it without purchasing or completing any goal you’d like them to. At that point they go away and your relationship ends with them there. Now it doesn’t have to - Remarketing builds the relationship. Using various targeting tools, Remarketing allows you to continue to engage with previous visitors, by placing Ads on other sites which they visit.  The idea being that anyone who previously visited your site m..
After recently writing about how relatively straightforward setting up a simple local advertising campaign was, I looked at some local searches to see how many businesses were taking advantage of this. Given that we hear so much about the death of the high street, you’d think that local businesses would embrace ‘online’ to drive customers and growth. Plenty do in fact have websites, local listings and some social media activities going on, but very few appear to be running Google AdWords – the most targeted and measureable advertising platform available. Why is this? A lack of skills?..
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