Intent, what is in a keyword?

Paid search relies on great keyword research and management. Shopping campaigns and Display / Remarketing do so to a lesser extent, the but bread and butter paid search Ads still do. 

It’s one of the most interesting aspects of search engine marketing, building lists and trying to establish INTENT in a keyword. 

Why INTENT? Because intent leads to higher conversion rates and better performance.

As a selling point for AdWords as a form of marketing, it always holds true that here is a channel that allows you to place Ads in front of potential customers who are actively searching for your product or service.  Unlike the less targeted options of some marketing. This is true, but at what point in the purchase decision process has that searcher found you?

For instance, anyone typing a search which starts with a qualifier such as “Buy” clearly demonstrates an INTENT to purchase.  Example “Buy a pinarello road bike”

(Chris Froome's Tour de France winning bike, which we do not believe is for sale)


A greater intent would be “Buy a Pinarello F8 Di2 Road Bike” or “Best price Pinarello F8 Di2 Road Bike”

But if someone types “Pinarello road bikes” or even “Pinarello F8 Di2 Road Bike” have they shown intent? Well not exactly, but then they cannot be ruled out as a purchaser either. They may just want to see an image of one or compare it to their own bike, but then again they may be researching which bike they want to buy – they are intending to buy, just not quite yet. 

In other words their INTENT is not clear.

You’ll never be 100% sure about intent, but using a combination of Ad Text which pre-qualifies visitors, Ad Group structure and bidding it can be managed to ensure maximum ROI.


Gerard McHugh Posted by Gerard McHugh

Gerard McHugh - PPC Expert based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK

Gerard has spent the best part of ten years working on Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns for companies operating in the UK and USA. He is AdWords Certified in Search, Display and Shopping and a Bing Certified Professional

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