Can any business type benefit from a Pay Per Click Campaign?

Well cut to the chase, which businesses can’t?

In general, if there is a demand for your product or service, PPC should be able to be made to work. The biggest problem for PPC managers is being faced with building a campaign for a product or service that no-one ever looks for online. Remember, PPC runs by placing Ads against searches being made – so if no-one searches for your product, your Ads won’t be displayed.

Generally, when you started your business any market research would have shown this up (we hope!), but then there are also cases such as industrial products or services which are supplied via alternative channels and these may not be suitable. An engineer looking for a particular component is actually more likely to contact a supplier than run a Google search.

Are there any warning signs?

Yes. Search for your own business product and see who is advertising.  If competitors are advertising then an opportunity is there. If you find no Ads, then either you have a MASSIVE opportunity in front of you – or, NO ONE but you runs those searches and it should trigger a little warning light.


You can lead a horse to water.

From the outset the biggest challenge is to set expectations about what PPC can and can’t do. The best PPC account in the world will struggle to sell product which is over-priced, out of stock, not desirable, or on a poorly designed website. It can do wonders for your business – but it can’t do everything.



Gerard McHugh Posted by Gerard McHugh

Gerard McHugh - PPC Expert based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK

Gerard has spent over 15 years working on Pay Per Click campaigns for companies operating in the UK, Europe and USA. He is Google Ads Certified in Search, Display and Shopping and a Microsoft Certified Professional

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