The Number 1 Google Analytics Report For E-Commerce Business Owners.

GAnalytics now contains so much data it can your head spin. As a business owner having the time to trawl through endless data trying to making sense of it all can be overly time-consuming. So, if you’ve only got five minutes to view a report which should you look at?

Our number one go-to Google Analytics report contains pretty much all the information needed to understand the last 7 days sales performance.  The report is tucked away within Acquisition and shows traffic and conversion performance against a previous period (usually week on week, or month on month). In other words - a summary of performance by marketing channel.

TIP - To get maximum value from this report it is best practice to have the GA E-commerce tracking module installed, this provides full product and revenue sales data. 

Details on how to install it here - If you don’t have this installed, it is still possible to extract good information with the use of goals.

How to run this report.

Login to GA and using the side navigation go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels

Next at the top right of the screen adjust the date range. GA defaults to the last 30 days, but here we are looking at the last 7 days. Tick the compare to box and select previous period (previous 7 days).

What you now have is a single screen summary of your main traffic channels (Paid Search, Organic, Direct, Referral, Social) compared week on week.

best google analytics e-commerce report

How to read the report.

The first vertical columns summarise if traffic levels are up or down (sessions, users).

The middle columns summarise user behaviour (Pages/Session, Session Duration).

The end columns summarise E-commerce performance (if E-commerce module is installed - see above) and or goal tracking. 

What to do with the report?

 If a significant change in any channel performance is shown, then click into the channel on the left hand side. This allows you to drill down and isolate the metric which has changed –enabling you to address and (we hope!) rectify it!

Don’t forget, you can set this report up as part of your Dashboard for even more time saving.


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