Google Advertising Policy Update – Interest-Based Advertising

Google is updating its policy late May, here’s the statement below.

In around late May 2016 we'll update our Interest-based policies and no longer allow advertisers to use the following information to target ads to users. Additionally, the content of the ad cannot be related to the following topics:
•    Personal hardships related to relationships (example: bereavement products or services)
•    Personal hardships related to abuse and trauma (examples: domestic abuse shelters or victim advocate services)
•    User identity related to marginalised groups (examples: immigration services or legal services for refugees)
•    User identity related to transgender identification (examples: information about gender transitioning or transgender discrimination lawyers)
We've given much consideration to our stance on the advertising of this content and the potential effect these changes may have on AdWords advertisers. Any time our policies change, a main goal is to ensure that we’re providing an optimal experience for all users.
Almost all advertisers who comply with our current policies will also be compliant with the new policies. However, once the new policies are updated in the AdWords Policy Centre you’ll want to review the updated language to ensure that you’re still in compliance.

The current policy can be viewed here -


This won’t affect any of our current clients, but if you are not a client and concerned if may impact you, please feel free to get in touch. 



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