Google AdWords New Features Update For 2016

It’s going to be a busy few months ahead for PPC Managers as Google announced several major new features for the platform in the coming months, along with an interface refresh.

If you’ve got an hour to spare you can watch the entire presentation here.

If you haven’t, then the main takeaways are here –


With the removal of right hand Ads, Google is increasing text limits on ‘traditional’ text Ads (yep, that’s going to be a big job to update!)
The old 25 – 35 – 35 character limit is going to be replaced with TWO 30 character headlines along with a consolidated 80 character description.


LOCAL Search.

Google now reports that a third of local searches are local. With that in mind it is bringing paid Ads to its map platform with promoted pins allowing businesses to stand out. Within location listings they’ll also be a lot more features including integration of product inventory for shops. This is going to be a BIG new feature for local search clients.


BIDDING by device.
In response to the increase in mobile searches, Google is handing back control of device bidding (it removed a level of this a couple of years ago) allowing advertisers to set bids separately across mobile / tablet and desktops, using any of the three devices for ‘base level’ bidding.

Timescales have not been released yet, but no doubt Q3 / Q4 are going to be very busy months for PPC management.

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