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The headline It’s now been confirmed that Google are to remove the right hand paid Ads from all search results* The small print *This only refers to desktop results. Although as mobile don’t show them currently, it sounds as though this is everything. ** This does not include Shopping results. Shopping boxes are, lets face it, now more likely to appear there and doubled up more often (ten Ads, compared to five). What does this mean? For PPC Advertisers it’s going to drive up CPC’s on text-based campaigns, certainly in the short term anyway, as the difference between p3/p4 and p..
Who says you don't get something for nothing? This month in conjunction with Google, we are offering up to £120 of FREE* clicks for new AdWords advertisers. *Of course terms and and conditions apply! They can only be applied to new AdWords advertisers, not new to us. They're non-transferable. Google will match your first month spend in the second month of advertising. Follow all of that? Ok to summarise: have you not advertised on AdWords before? Saw this why AdWords INFOGRAPHIC and thought to yourself "why haven't we ever advertised on AdWords before?" - then you are a definite thumbs u..
Shopping Ads work in a different way to the more traditional text Ads displayed on Google. The level of control an Advertiser has is to some extent less exact, requiring instead a sense of SEO skills to prepare product descriptions correctly. Below is an example of how not to, and how to write titles and descriptions for Shopping feeds.   Note the keyword rich description and title - adding these to your products will help ensure they are displayed for all relevant searches. ..
Following our recent post about the moving of the search terms report in Google Shopping we are delighted that this was either only temporary, or Google listened to everyones feedback (including ours) and have added back into a far more us-friendly location. They can now be seen here, and the ability to add them directly into the campaign as negative has been restored.     Thanks Google! ..
The search terms report is one of the most used reports in AdWords. It allows you to identify the exact search phrases that were used to trigger Ads, and from this the account performance can be shaped through the addition of exact and negative match keywords. Until mid-last week, the report could be accessed here -    Then it disappeared and was only discovered by some eagle eyed PPC people having been moved into the dimensions tab.   For what purpose no-one knows. It’s not the end of the world but it does mean that negatives can’t be added directly to Shopping campaign..
Announced yesterday, the neat little hover over text known as promotional text in Shopping Campaigns is being retired in favour of automated extensions. Here's what Google said below  -  Promotional text is an optional message added at the ad group level and used to highlight special information about your shop and products in your Product Listing Ads. We have noticed that many of you use promotional text to highlight special offers or free delivery, so we recently introduced a new automated extension that uses existing information that you’ve provided in your Merchant Centre settings an..
If you are selling branded products and using a Shopping Feed, then an important announcement was made this week. Make sure to get the GTIN's included in your feed or you'll find it suspended. Details below. What is the Shopping GTIN Requirement? Required for Shopping feeds targeting Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom or United States to submit ‘gtin’ and ‘brand’ for products when ‘brand’ is one of 50 designated brands, and ‘condition’ is ‘new’, and ‘availability’ is either ‘in stock’ or ‘out of stoc..
When we start with any e-commerce client we always talk about the importance of measuring conversions and establishing a CPA (cost-per-acquisition).  With the GAnalytics e-com module in place this is fairly straightforward to do. Or at least it appears so on the surface. The reality is that the e-commerce module under reports the number of conversions generated by AdWords. Why? Because the e-commerce module assigns the sale only to the channel of the last click. Now, think about your own behaviour when you purchase something – do you just click once and purchase, or do you go away and po..
When setting up a new Shopping campaign, the first task is to set up a Merchant Center account and upload a feed to it. At this stage a number of feed attributes are required as mandatory and until those attributes are approved the feed will not work. The website is also required to meet a number of requirements, which are listed below. ·         Accurate contact information. Your website must display sufficient and accurate contact information, including a telephone number and/or email. ·         Secure checkout process. Payment and transaction processing, as well as collection of an..
If you haven’t tried AdWords to promote and grow your business yet, where have you been?!  If your business has a website (if it hasn’t, then that’s another question!) and you want people to see the website and complete some kind of action like –  1, Buy something 2, Download something 3, Contact you 4, Come and visit you Then AdWords is a fantastic tool for driving highly targeted traffic to your website. What do we mean by highly targeted? Well, we mean individuals who are already looking for a product or service like yours. They’ve shown intent by searching for it! If they see y..
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