Using the Dimensions tab to improve AdWords Shopping campaigns

The Dimensions tab proves a whole host of actionable reporting for use managing AdWords. Functionality is far too long for a single post, so this will concentrate on using it with Shopping campaigns.

To navigate to it, select All online campaigns, then select the Dimensions tab.

Choose the date range you wish to query.

Then select View > Shopping. A further menu of Category, Product Type, Brand, Item ID, MC ID, Store ID, Channel and Channel Exclusivity appear.

shopping campaigns - adwords - dimensions tab


In most cases, MC ID, Store ID, Channel and Channel Exclusivity are less useful. So leave those aside.

Category / Product Type / Brand.

Depending on your product catalogue, these can be used to segment your feed and understand product performance by these criteria.
As well as conversion costs, the search impression share and search lost (by rank and budget) can be used to make adjustments to your bid strategy and budget control.

In a large account, this can quickly help you to understand which products are, and are not performing.

shopping campaign by product category


Reporting by Item ID takes you to product level.

This allows you to get into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the shopping campaign. Using this report, you can quickly filter by cost/ converted click and converted clicks to isolate high-cost, low conversion products – as well as the more attractive low-cost, high conversion products!

shopping campaign by pla

Using this report the structure of your Shopping campaign can be shaped, with products moved from Best-Sellers, to other campaigns with corresponding bid strategies. 

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