Up to £120 of free advertising with Google AdWords.

If you haven’t tried AdWords to promote and grow your business yet, where have you been?! 

If your business has a website (if it hasn’t, then that’s another question!) and you want people to see the website and complete some kind of action like – 

1, Buy something
2, Download something
3, Contact you
4, Come and visit you

Then AdWords is a fantastic tool for driving highly targeted traffic to your website. What do we mean by highly targeted? Well, we mean individuals who are already looking for a product or service like yours. They’ve shown intent by searching for it! If they see your Ad and it looks like what they wanted – then hey presto, that’s a potential customer coming your way for the cost of a click.

google adwords offer

The other great thing about AdWords is that YOU choose where your Ads run. They don’t have to be shown across the whole of the UK, or England. If your business only serves customers within a radius of 25 miles of your location – we can show Ads that only display to people within that radius. So it’s suitable for smaller local businesses, as well as online giants.

As we are a Google Partner, we currently have vouchers for new AdWords advertisers, to match your month one click spend, in month two with up to £120 worth of free clicks.

Interested? Contact us and we can tell you more.


Gerard McHugh Posted by Gerard McHugh

Gerard McHugh - PPC Expert based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK

Gerard has spent over 15 years working on Pay Per Click campaigns for companies operating in the UK, Europe and USA. He is Google Ads Certified in Search, Display and Shopping and a Microsoft Certified Professional

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