Don't Spend Your Life On Bidding, It's Targeting That Is Going To Win Out

Often reviewing an account, I’ll have a look through the account change history and the sum total of changes made are bid changes. A couple of pence up here, a couple down there. Up one week, down the next. Sometimes agencies do it to justify their fees by leaving a trace in the account. Sometimes people do it because they are probably fresh out of other ideas to improve performance – so best do SOMETHING.

HEADS UP - Google Ads is moving towards automated bidding and has been for some time. If you are self-managing your account consider using an automated bid strategy suitable for your goals. Please also be aware there are valid reasons NOT to use auto bidding though, such as putting a campaign live, low conversion volumes, anticipating a seasonal change etc.

The point of this post is not to get into bid strategies though, the point is simply to say if you are NOT targeting the right search queries and audiences then manually adjusting your bids is pretty much a waste of time. 

It’s like randomly waving a machine gun around squeezing and releasing the trigger. When really you should be adjusting your telescopic sight.

Spend less time on bidding and more time on targeting.



Gerard McHugh Posted by Gerard McHugh

Gerard McHugh - PPC Expert based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK

Gerard has spent over 15 years working on Pay Per Click campaigns for companies operating in the UK, Europe and USA. He is Google Ads Certified in Search, Display and Shopping and a Microsoft Certified Professional

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