Google Introduces AdWords Editor 11, But Should You Use It?

This week saw the introduction of a completely re-engineered AdWords Editor tool. Google claim it is the biggest update to the application since it was released in 2006. It certainly looks very different, with a completely redesigned interface and a more modern design. Dare we say it;

it actually looks a little more like Bing Ads Editor to us.

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New features allow the opening of multiple windows to view different account elements simultaneously, a new panel for list types, an advanced search function and advanced multi-select for making large scale changes.

If you are not familiar with the AdWords Editor tool though, should you consider using it?

The Editor certainly makes large scale changes to an account far quicker than using the web interface. Its bulk change features are a blessing for AdWords account managers! But to the inexperienced, the speed at which large scale changes can be implemented and uploaded makes the fast moving Editor fraught with dangers. It’s easy to overwrite (and effectively remove) high performing Ads, to pause campaigns in error and to replicate keywords in different AdGroups creating Ad serving issues. In fact, it is easy to completely break a perfectly good account if you are not completely sure what you are doing.

Our advice is if you are an AdWords novice, learn the web interface inside out first.

Gerard McHugh Posted by Gerard McHugh

Gerard McHugh - PPC Expert based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK

Gerard has spent over 15 years working on Pay Per Click campaigns for companies operating in the UK, Europe and USA. He is Google Ads Certified in Search, Display and Shopping and a Microsoft Certified Professional

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