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Forget the big talking point of the year, there will be no mention of a pandemic here. What you ALL really want to know is ‘what nuggets do I need to know about PPC in 2020’ Sorry, What’s Your Name Again? I am including this in 2020. But it happened in 2017, or 2018 or 2019 – I really cannot remember exactly when, but it definitely occurred at some point in my adult life. I still regularly refer to them by their old names, so I’m not surprised clients do as well. But in the interests of clarity –  AdWords is now was rebranded in 2020 / sometime in the last 5 years to be known as Googl..
A couple of weeks ago we attended Hero Conference London 2016. This is probably the premiere PPC conference in the world right now and consists of two and half days of non-stop presentations on best-practice PPC tips along with views on the future of PCC. As such, it’s really unmissable in such a fast moving industry. What did we learn? Well trying to compress 2.5 days of PPC into one blog is a fairly tough task! Plus lets face it, there were plenty of new ideas and concepts that perhaps we don’t want to make too public eh?! The Highlights. Larry Kim, founder of Wordpress gave ..
Anyone who’s ever had the slightest dealings with PPC (or SEO) will understand the importance of position, or more particularly Ad position. At the moment on Google, an Ad averaging position 1 – 4 will be seen at the top of the page, anything below that is at the bottom of the page. Simple. What about Google Shopping though? It’s not as straight forward. Generally speaking Google shows 5 Ads at the top of the page (yes, sometimes it’s 10 on the right side, but let’s not over-complicate the complicated) but makes no public comment or distinction as to which is position 1 or 5. You’d be incli..
We've been waiting some time to find out when Bing would bring it's own Product Ads to the UK. Recently they announced that Shopping Ads were in Beta for the UK market.  So, we are delighted to announce that we are now running campaigns in the UK.  Why start running Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) ? 1, From experience any ecommerce account gets the best performance in AdWords from its Shopping campaign.We fully believe that this will be replicated in BSC. 2, CPC’s are generally lower in Bing than AdWords along with CPA’s. We expect this to be the same in BSC. 3, Advertisers are g..
Undoubtedly the big success of 2014 for E-Commerce sites, was the introduction of Google Shopping Ads. Across the board these campaigns have performed better than any text Ad based campaigns. Using these Paid Search Ads, sites have seen an increase in order volumes and a decrease in their CPA (cost per acquisition).  Over at Bing, they have been running their own version of Product Ads in the USA since last summer. We haven’t had the opportunity to run any similar campaigns on their platform here in the UK though. We’ve been suggesting their Bing Product Ads are coming to the UK for s..
Following yesterdays announcement that Bing and Yahoo have renewed their agreement ( , the outlook for Bing search is looking better than ever. So is now the time to ask should you advertise with Bing Ads? The short answer is yes! We talked about the benefits of starting with Bing Ads last year and we continue to see great performance for our advertisers on the network. We strongly encourage all new clients to trial it. With a host of new features already announced and more developments due this ye..
Bing continues to improve its product noticeably in recent months; with the introduction of Bing’s universal tracking this marks another significant step forward for managing Bing Ads. The new code needs to be installed and any existing track code removed by April 15th. To set it up, go to campaigns and on the left panel at bottom is Shared Library. Click on that and you will see Goals > View Goals..   Click Create Goal. For goal type put in Destination URL where conversion is recorded etc. Create the tag for that which will throw the Javascript code and put in on your client websites..
One of the big successes of the last 18 months has been Google image ads (launched as PLAs, now transitioning to Shopping campaigns). With Bing playing catch up on the success of these campaigns, it finally launched Bing Product Ads in the USA earlier this year. As yet, these campaigns are only available to US based advertisers, but expect to see them in the UK soon. Once launched, this will be a compelling reason for e-commerce AdWords clients to begin advertising on the Bing network. Image courtesy of PPC Hero. ..
Everyone has heard of Google AdWords, but how many know of the Bing Ads network? With a market share of approximately 15% in the UK, the Bing Ads network is a smaller player, but not one that should be dismissed instantly. The benefits Running Ads on the Bing Adcenter network opens up a whole new search audience to you. This is generally viewed as incremental traffic which otherwise you could not access – think NEW customers! Because of there being less advertisers on Bing, generally the CPC (cost-per-click) is lower than the equivalent search on Google, which in turn leads to a l..
What do you need to know about advertising on Bing? Many people are put off running Paid advertising on Bing Ads network. It’s a shame really, as actually the results can be very impressive. They are what you’d expect – lower volume impressions, lower CPC (cost-per click), and similar, if not better conversion rates. All of this leads to lower CPA (cost-per-acquisition) figures which make the network attractive. There are differences within the Bing interface and how it handles match types which need to be understood, but in general if you are proficient using Google AdWords you shoul..
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