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What do you need to know about advertising on Bing?

Many people are put off running Paid advertising on Bing Ads network. It’s a shame really, as actually the results can be very impressive. They are what you’d expect – lower volume impressions, lower CPC (cost-per click), and similar, if not better conversion rates.

All of this leads to lower CPA (cost-per-acquisition) figures which make the network attractive.

There are differences within the Bing interface and how it handles match types which need to be understood, but in general if you are proficient using Google AdWords you should be able to set up a Bing campaign fairly easily. If you are not, then contact us here in Cheltenham.

To make setting up a Bing account easier, they’ve introduced tools to help you copy your account data from AdWords without the use of spreadsheets. This makes the process very much easier (they’re assuming that the vast majority of potential advertisers already running AdWords – which seems likely) but be aware if you use this tool –

1 – It doesn’t seem to want to import keywords and Ads at the same time as the account structure.

  • So, you’ll need to import these separately. Frustratingly there seems to be no warning system to inform you that AdGroups don’t have active Ads associated. If there is, I apologise!

2 – it imports negative keywords as phrase keywords.

  • This is a really worry, all those keywords you’ve listed to prevent your Ad being triggered against e.g. personalised ? Suddenly you’ve got a positive phrase match keyword “personalised” attracting very high volumes of impressions and clicks. This can be costly so check carefully for rogue keywords!

3 – it can’t handle very large accounts, these have to be imported from a spreadsheet.

  • One account we transitioned to Bing had approximately 160,000 keywords and it was not possible to use the tool on this account.

Match Types

Bing doesn’t offer the levels of control using match types that AdWords does. You just get broad, phrase and exact.

A complaint for a long time was negative matches only worked as a phrase, negative match, recently exact negative has been added though giving more control.

Ad Display

Essentially the Ad display is the same. Rather than two lines of 35 characters you’d find in AdWords, here you get a single line of 71 characters. Ad extensions options are currently limited to just address.


Ad Component What Is It? Character Limit Use Your Space Effectively
Ad Title The title of your ad, which your audience sees 25 Make a clear, specific offering
Ad Text The body of your ad, the biggest advertising space within the ad 71 Address your customer, include a specific call to action such as buy now, download, sign-up, subscribe.Include specific, eye-catching but most importantly relevant and attractive features such as special offers.


Make the first letter of each word a capital letter, it draws the eye and looks more professional

Display URL The link your customer sees 35 No www. necessary – make an attractive, clickable link
Destination URL The actual link your customer is taken to when clicking on the ad 1024 Insert the actual URL to a relevant landing page – any offers or special features mentioned will ideally be on this page, making it more attractive and relevant to the customer


Further Information

Support Centre - Get support for your search advertising needs with Bing Ads help and training tutorials.

Bing Ads Editor - Save time and improve the performance of your online marketing campaigns, whether you’re online or offline, using an intuitive and simple desktop application.

Bing Ads Intelligence - Bing Ads Intelligence is a powerful keyword research tool that allows you to build and expand on your keyword list in a familiar excel interface. This enables you to easily gauge the performance of relevant keywords on the Yahoo! Bing Network. Apply these insights to improve your keyword selection and campaign performance.

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