Bing Universal Tracking. Update your code by April 15th

Bing continues to improve its product noticeably in recent months; with the introduction of Bing’s universal tracking this marks another significant step forward for managing Bing Ads.

The new code needs to be installed and any existing track code removed by April 15th.

To set it up, go to campaigns and on the left panel at bottom is Shared Library. Click on that and you will see Goals > View Goals..
Click Create Goal.
For goal type put in Destination URL where conversion is recorded etc. Create the tag for that which will throw the Javascript code and put in on your client websites.

You can create other goals using the same tag.

More information on how to install the new code and set up goals can be found on this post.
Bing is working hard to launch full Remarketing in the UK and it is believed this same tag will be utilised for Remarketing upon launch. This new UT tag allows search remarketing to be enabled.
For Ecommerce sites wanting to track revenue as well as sales, variable revenue tracking is bit more work to install.

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